Max Jacob

1876 (Quimper, France) – 1944 (Drancy)

Jacob lodged at the famous Bâteau-Lavoir, along with Picasso, Apollinaire, Cocteau, van Dongen and Salmon. He and Picasso time-shared a bed and a hat, one working by night, the other by day. Modigliani, another friend, painted his portrait. Gris, Braque, Picasso and Jacob spent the summer of 1913 together; he had met both Braque and de Chirico through Apollinaire. Poulenc, another friend, set some of his words to music. He corresponded intensely with Jabès and with Leiris, illustrated Hugnet’s poems, was at Apollinaire’s deathbed, and met the 17-year-old Dubuffet (Jacob was his favourite poet) when he came to Paris to study.