Jean Cocteau

1889 (Maisons-Lafitte, France) – 1963 (Milly-la-Forêt)

Cocteau’s ballet for Diaghilev had music from Satie and designs from Picasso, who disparaged him as “the tail of my comet.” Honegger, a close friend, wrote music for his adaptation of ‘Antigone’, Chanel doing the costumes. He collaborated with Stravinsky and Richter, offered Miller a part in a film (becoming close friends), turned Trocchi on to opiates, made Radiguet his protégé, and associated with Milhaud, Auric, Taillefer, Durey and Poulenc as well as Honegger (the charge is that he wanted to lead a movement). Piaf, a beloved friend for whom he wrote a play, poignantly died just hours before him.