who we are

Who Knew Whom was originated and is edited by Nat Goodden, who as author is responsible for continuing research into individuals and their connections. Nat is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire.

The site could not have been put together without the combined skills and valuable support of Peter Moore and Peter Edwards at the London digital arts agency e-2. In particular, without Peter Edwards’ inventive technical skills and love of a challenging problem to solve, Who Knew Whom would have remained un-realised: a dream but not a reality.

Who Knew Whom is grateful to University of Gloucestershire for generously funding its development through to public launch.

Contacting us:

If you have any contributions to make or thoughts to offer, please email Who Knew Whom or fill out the form below. As explained elsewhere, Who Knew Whom grows by mapping direct person-to-person links, working outwards from what is already in place: reluctantly, we cannot at present accept any ‘unlinked’ suggestions for inclusion, however interesting. If you want to submit information on direct links to names already featured in Who Knew Whom, please help us validate your information by providing authoritative URL’s. And if volume of traffic makes it impossible for us to respond to all messages, please accept our apologies in advance.