Hans Arp

Jean Arp

1886 (Strassburg, Germany, now Strasbourg, France) – 1966 (Basel, Switzerland)

Among other Dadaists, Huelsenbeck, Ball and Tzara were fellow-founders of the movement in Zürich, Höch a collaborator with him, and Schwitters both collaborator and close friend. He met the Delaunays in 1911, Kandinsky in 1912, and Jacob, Apollinaire, Picasso and Modigliani a couple of years later when he moved to Paris. He met Sophie Taeuber during WWI, married and worked with her, including on a café complex in Strasbourg with van Doesburg. Richter included him in his film ‘Dadascope’, Miró was a neighbour in Paris, Lissitzky another collaborator, and Kelly a visitor to his studio.