Pierre Reverdy

1889 (Narbonne, France) – 1960 (Solesmes)

Reverdy met many of his Parisian artist/writer friends while living at the rickety Bateau Lavoir: Jacob, Picasso, Gris, Apollinaire were all residents; he also met Matisse, Léger and others through it. Gris was close, and Reverdy’s favourite illustrator for his own work (Picasso and Laurens also did illustrations for him). Léger, Jacob, Laurens and Gargallo were lasting friends, Gargallo visiting him frequently later in life at his abbey retreat. Aragon said that for Éluard, Soupault, Breton and himself, Reverdy was the poet they most looked up to. He himself told Soupault he preferred the company of artists – they lied less.