Raymond Radiguet

1903 (Saint-Maur, France) – 1923 (Paris)

Radiguet was a bright-burning meteorite. He was Cocteau’s inseparable protégé (though there is no proof that they were lovers). He fell in with the Montparnasse crowd — Salmon, Reverdy, Jacob, Picasso, Gris, Modigliani — and contributed to a journal of Breton’s and Tzara’s. Milhaud and he devised the entertainment ‘le Boeuf sur le Toit’ for the bar he frequented with the Groupe des Six. Auric composed for him, Chanel supported him. After a night on the town with Brancusi, they set off for Marseille and Corsica, chasing skirt. His death from typhoid shocked his friends; Poulenc could do nothing for two days.