Arthur Honegger

1892 (Le Havre, France) – 1955 (Paris)

Widor and d’Indy taught him, with Milhaud and Ibert (a future collaborator) fellow-students. Poulenc, Milhaud, Auric, Durey and Tailleferre were fellow-members of les Six, Satie having a fatherly role, and Cocteau writing them a manifesto. Valéry, Cendrars, Jacob, Picasso, Apollinaire and Louÿs were all good friends, Cocteau and Claudel important literary collaborators. Gance commissioned scores from him, Stravinsky offered sage advice, and Xenakis was a student. Fauré liked the younger man and his music, while at a party for Ravel (they enjoyed a long warm friendship), Honegger once dressed up as a waiter.