Edgard Varèse

Edgar Varèse;Edgar Varese

1883 (Paris) – 1965 (New York)

Widor and Massenet (who was fond of him) taught him. Both Debussy and Satie (who was very close to him) gave him original scores. Hofmannstahl collaborated for 8 years, Busoni told him machines would become essential in music, and Strauss, met in the street, helped him get his first pupils. Zadkine, Miró, Artaud and Villa-Lobos were regular Paris companions. Russolo, a friend, understood sound differently. Varèse gave his pupil Jolivet a puppet, and cooked boeuf bourgignon for Miller. Stravinsky called him the Brancusi of music. Parker, awed, followed him on the street without daring to speak (though eventually did).

Edgard Varèse knew…