Gino Severini

1883 (Cortona, Italy) – 1966 (Paris)

His close friend Boccioni and he often visited the studio of Balla, an important influence. Marinetti, Carrà and Russolo were other Futurist colleagues, though he broke contact with Marinetti, alarmed at the movement’s increasing politicisation. Gris, Signac, Picasso, Braque, Modigliani, Apollinaire, Romains and Fort were all met after he settled in Paris (he married Fort’s daughter, with Apollinaire — who had links with the Futurists — a witness). Valadon and Utrillo were studio neighbours. Nevinson took the train with him from London to Paris, where he and Gris were able to work unaffected by WW1.

Gino Severini knew…