Juan Gris

1887 (Madrid) – 1927 (Paris)

Picasso helped Gris find a studio in the Bateau-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juan_GrisLavoir. Other early friends included Jacob, Apollinaire, Léger, Salmon and Braque (who however could be dismissive of him). Modigliani painted him, Reverdy, Radiguet and Stein collaborated with him, and the Delaunays went out on the town with him. An introduction to Villon and Duchamp’s Puteaux group led to him knowing Gleizes, Metzinger and Picabia. His friend Severini, like Picasso and Gris himself, was able as a foreigner to work in Paris throughout WWI (Stein helping financially at this time). Artaud, Leiris and Masson were met through the dealer Kahnweiler.