Tristan Tzara

1896 (Moineşti, Romania) – 1963 (Paris)

Ball was Tzara’s co-founder of Cabaret Voltaire in Zürich: Richter, Hemmings, Arp, Eggeling, Janco and Huelsenbeck were all prominent participants. Tzara joined Breton, Soupault and Aragon in Paris, in first Dada then surrealist activities. Tzara behaved well when Picabia took him to the Steins’. Dos Passos found himself picking up his café bill, and Bowles commented on his collection of African masks. Lissitzky and van Doesburg joined Tzara for a final Dada reunion in Germany, while Péret, Éluard and he joined a Dada excursion in France.