El Lissitzky

Eliezer Lissitzky;Lazar Markovich Lissitzky;Eleazar Markovich Lisitskii

1890 (Pochinok, Smolensk, Russia) – 1941 (Moscow)

He was a disciple of Chagall’s in Vitebsk, but ultimately sided with his mentor and friend Malevich against him. His friend Schwitters, with van Doesburg, joined him in promoting an International of Art. Ehrenburg lent him a camera to photograph the Eiffel Tower, started a magazine with him, and reported Gabo, Shklovsky, Altman, Mayakovsky, Archipenko and him fighting furiously after a lecture by Puni. He taught with Tatlin and Moholy-Nagy, and met le Corbusier, Léger and Mondrian while on holiday. Taueber-Arp and his old collaborators Arp and Stam collected him when he arrived in Switzerland for TB treatment.