Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

F. T. Marinetti

1876 (Alexandria, Egypt) – 1944 (Bellagio, Italy)

Balla was arrested with him, Loy was a lover, Tzara sent him Dadaist publications. Carrá, Boccioni, Severini and Russolo (as well as Balla) all rallied to his Futurist flag; Prampolini and Depero joined up too. When he went to Moscow he found Mayakovsky and Burliuk away, but Goncharova met and toasted him, and he caught Kruchenykh in St Petersburg. Diaghilev asked him about sound, and was invited to hear Russolo’s ‘intonarumori.’ At a concert in Paris, Marinetti and Tzara competed with each other to stir up trouble. Kafka and d’Annunzio were at the same 1909 air-display as him, though the three didn’t meet.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti knew…