Albert Ehrenstein

1886 (Vienna) – 1950 (New York)

He got his friend Kokoschka (who illustrated his best-known work) out of wartime military service. Richter, Janco and Tzara were Zürich Dada colleagues. Kafka and he had a jaunty fairground photo taken, looking as if in a wood-and-canvas monoplane. Kraus was the first to publish him, and said that he left “an agreeable stench of brimstone.” Brecht and Döblin founded a left-wing writers’ group with him. He met Walden through Kokoschka, and connected or reconnected with Huelsenbeck, Grosz and Mann in New York exile. Most of his writer friends, like Ehrenstein, had their books publicly burned by the Nazis.

Albert Ehrenstein knew…