Max Ernst

1891 (Brühl, Germany) – 1976 (Paris)

Ernst met Herzfelde, Grosz and Macke, an important early influence, through ‘Der Sturm.’ Arp and Baargeld were Dada collaborators. Apollinaire and Delaunay were his first Paris friends, years before his return, encouraged by Éluard and Breton. He worked with Miró on designs for Diaghilev, and with Buñuel and Dalí on ‘l’Age d’Or,’ appeared in a film of Richter’s, and welcomed the penniless Cage to stay. Staying with Giacometti in Switzerland led to some of his earliest sculpture. He illustrated several books of his close friend Éluard’s, and failed to seduce Lenya despite writing to her about his cat disgorging a whole mouse.