John Dos Passos

1896 (Chicago) – 1970 (Baltimore, Md.)

His friend Cummings and he volunteered as WWI ambulance drivers. Cendrars and Léger were good Paris café-haunting friends — he and Léger talked endlessly, and he translated Cendrars into English, though found himself landed with Tzara’s café bill. Hemingway and he went to cycle-races together, survived a car-crash, but split bitterly over events in civil-war Spain (he had gone to help Hemingway and Ivens make a film, and met his kindred spirit Orwell.) He wrote an introduction to his friend Grosz’s drawings, and was acqainted with Faulkner and Fitzgerald (influencing both), Rivera, Picasso and Goncharova.

John Dos Passos knew…