Hans Richter

1888 (Berlin) – 1976 (Minusio, Switzerland)

Huelsenbeck and Richter formed the main Zürich/Berlin Dada links. Tzara, Ball, Arp, Hausmann and Schwitters were other Dada colleagues. Constructivist and de Stijl connections brought friendships with Gabo, Lissitzky and van Doesburg. Soupault and Man Ray contributed to the magazine ‘G’, co-edited with Mies van der Rohe. Eggeling and he worked to bring time and movement to painting, spurred by a meeting with Busoni. Hindemith, Ernst, Cocteau, Léger, Tanguy, Duchamp, Calder and Bowles all contributed to his films. He only met Aragon a few times, but always felt in contact.