Igor Stravinsky

1882 (Oranienbaum, now Lomonosov, Russia) – 1971 (New York)

Rimsky-Korsakov taught him and was an important influence. Diaghilev commissioned him 8 times over 20 years and helped make his reputation. Nijinsky and Balanchine choreographed his music; Picasso (a friend), Auden, Eliot and Cocteau were other collaborators. Boulanger was a close friend and strong supporter. He was photographed with Debussy, counted Ravel, Satie and Poulenc (for life) among his friends, and sent postcards to Casella (who wrote the first biography). He wrote pieces in memory of Eliot and Huxley, and proposed a post-atomic opera to Thomas just before the poet died from drink.