Léonide Massine

Leonid Fyodorovich Miassin

1896 (Moscow) – 1979 (Köln)

Diaghilev took Massine on as Nijinsky’s replacement (as lover too). As choreographer for the Ballets Russes, among his many collaborators were Picasso, Léger, Chagall, Matisse, Delaunay, Satie, Falla, Cocteau, Masson, Stravinsky, Miró, Milhaud, Goncharova and Dufy. Diaghilev encouraged his choreographic talents, and introduced him to Larionov and Stravinsky. A planned collaboration with Léger fizzled out. He taught Ashton, and got Graham to dance lead in his American revival of ‘The Rite of Spring.’ He featured in ‘The Red Shoes’, but was mistreated by Powell. He said sex with Diaghilev was like sleeping with a nice fat old lady.