Raymond Queneau

1903 (Le Havre, France) – 1976 (Paris)

Kojève taught Queneau, who published Kojève’s lectures on Hegel. Queneau visited Masson’s studio regularly, as well as the surrealist group at 54 rue du Château — Duhamel, Prévert, Tanguy, Péret, and often Breton. Bataille and Leiris were close friends; Queneau worked on Bataille’s ‘Documents’, and went to Spain with Leiris (they had to be repatriated). Limbour was a childhood friend, Vian a fellow-Pataphysician, and Miller and Hélion regular correspondents. Perec, Le Lionnais, Mathews, Arnaud, Bénabou and Calvino were all friends and colleagues in Oulipo. Paulhan (especially), Duhamel, Camus, Sartre and Malraux were among Queneau’s colleagues at Gallimard’s publishing house. Murdoch adored him.