Georges Perec

1936 (Paris) – 1982 (Ivry-sur-Seine)

Lefebvre gave the then-unknown author house-room to write. Barthes let him sit in on seminars, as a writer not a student, and sent his own manuscripts to him for comment. Queneau, Le Lionnais, Berge, Mathews, Roubaud, Calvino and Bénabou were all fellow-members of Oulipo. With Roubaud and Bénabou he was initially shocked at what the infirm Le Lionnais charged for round-table dinners, but then warmed to him. He ate with Ashbery while working on ‘Life A User’s Manual’, and considered translating his poetry into French. He collaborated with Virilio in Duvignaud’s review ‘Cause Commune.’