Enriques Freymann

Enrique Freymann;Enrique Freyman;Enriques Freyman

?date (?Mexico) – 1954 (?Paris)

Freymann published highly significant books in a range of subjects that no-one else would. Weil already knew him and got him to publish the Bourbaki group’s work (it’s been suggested that Freymann, who brought Chevalley and Weil together, actually instigated their project). Wiener and Freymann had lived together in Mexico; the suggestion again is that Freymann persuaded Wiener to write his seminal book. Rivera was a friend. De Broglie introduced Freymann to Einstein (whose work he published) and to Langevin, and threatened to sue him for withholding publication of a book, but Freymann died three days later.

Enriques Freymann knew…