Alain Resnais

1922 (Vannes, France) – 2014 (Paris)

Resnais engaged in deep collaborations with a number of writers, most notably Duras, Robbe-Grillet and Cayrol — all personal friends. He met the 16-year-old Truffaut (whose first film Resnais edited) at a film-club run by Bazin. Eisler (whom he didn’t dare to expect a contribution from) travelled to Paris to work on the music for ‘Nuit et Brouillard.’ Resnais married Malraux’s daughter — Malraux claimed ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ to be the most beautiful film he’d ever seen. Resnais edited for Varda, co-directed with his friend Marker, and made a film about polystyrene with Queneau.

Alain Resnais knew…