Maurice Blanchot

1907 (Quain, France) – 2003 (Le Mesnil-Saint-Denis)

Lévinas was a fellow-student and long-standing friend, whose children Blanchot sheltered during the occupation. Leiris, Caillois, and Klossowski were all Collège de Sociologie affiliates. Bataille and Char were friends (Bataille closely) and important influences. Blanchot was in wartime contact with Queneau and Paulhan, while Foucault, an admirer, met him during the 1968 events. His close friend Duras said he was one of the two writers she most esteemed. He and Jabès may never have met, despite living in Paris and regularly corresponding. Increasingly reclusive towards his death, he still stayed in touch with Derrida, whom he had influenced.