Jacques Prévert

1900 (Neuilly-s-Seine, France) – 1977 (Ormonville-la-Petite)

Prévert met Tanguy and Duhamel on military service, Tanguy in France and Duhamel in Istanbul. Duhamel gave lodging to both (as well as Queneau and Péret), while Breton, Desnos, Aragon and Artaud regularly joined in surrealist activities there (the house became one of the main centres for the movement). Breton, whom he later broke with, said that Prévert did not yet excel except in the art of living. As screenwriter, he worked on films with Renoir, Carné, Grémillon, Ivens, Grimault, and Pierre Prévert; he also worked on an animation with Grimault. Kosma set his words to music, and Gréco sang them.