Marguerite Duras

1914 (Gia Dinh, French Indochina, now Vietnam) – 1996 (Paris)

Merleau-Ponty, Ponge, Blanchot, Bataille, Genet, Michaux, Leiris, Vian and Queneau regularly met at Duras’ flat to discuss literature; Bataille and Blanchot were among her lodgers, and Leiris a neighbour. Calder published her work and took her on a pioneering speaking tour of the U.K. with Robbe-Grillet and Sarraute. Foucault was a correspondent. She collaborated closely with Resnais on the making of ‘Hiroshima mon Amour.’ Moreau, a friend, met Lacan with her, and played the part of Duras in one of two films featuring her (Duras playing her own part in the other).