György Kepes

1906 (Selyp, Hungary) – 2001 (Cambridge, Mass.)

Kepes did much to found the academic study of visual communication. Both Kassák and Moholy-Nagy were influential mentors — Moholy, initially a correspondent, became a lifelong friend and colleague on both sides of the Atlantic. Kepes’ wide circle of intellectually-engaged friends and associates included Albers, Archipenko, Arnheim, Calder, Eames, Fuller, Gabo, Gropius, Mead, Salk, Sert and Wiener. He went for a long walk with Dovzhenko, asked Kodály to write music for a film, had lobster cooked by Hofmann, and a house designed by Breuer (Cage and Cunningham visited). Bass and Tony Smith were among his students.

György Kepes knew…