René Magritte

1898 (Lessines, Belgium) – 1967 (Brussels)

Miró, Arp and Breton were met when Magritte moved to France; Duchamp, Ernst, Aragon, Éluard, Ray and Dalí were other Paris artist friends, frequently met at Breton’s. Breton bought several of his paintings, but omitted him from his book on Surrealism and Painting. Magritte (who continued to admire Breton) commented that it was hard to be in tune with a man who didn’t like music; relations with Breton suffered later through their different interpretations of surrealism. The Magrittes and Éluards went to stay with Dalí in Spain, Gala Éluard staying on with Dalí (they later married). Magritte met Moore in London.