Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondriaan

1872 (Amersfoort, Netherlands) – 1944 (New York)

Rivera was a studio-neighbour and friend when Mondrian first moved to Paris, soon also meeting Braque and Léger (a lasting friend.) He met van Doesburg and van der Leck at an artists’ colony during WWI. The three, with Vantongerloo, became allies in the movement de Stijl. Van Doesburg became a close friend, the two eating together regularly, visiting the circus and going out dancing. Gabo, a neighbour in London, often fed him, teasing him about his ascetic diet. Archipenko, Calder, Léger, Duchamp, Richter, Moholy-Nagy and Giedion — all old friends — were among those at the memorial service for him.