Henry Moore

1898 (Castleford, England) – 1986 (Much Hadham)

Moore cast an unignorable shadow over post-war sculpture. Epstein was an early and enthusiastic supporter and influential exemplar. Hepworth was a fellow-student (Moore hinted at more) and sculptural cross-fertiliser; she, Nicholson, Gabo, Mondrian, Nash and Read were all close neighbours and mutual supporters in 1930’s London. Following a visit to Picasso’s Paris studio (‘Guernica’ in progress), Moore sat in a bar between Breton and Giacometti, discussing art; he also met Arp, Éluard, Hélion (whose intelllect he valued), Lipchitz and Zadkine. Miró was a sensitive sympathetic friend, Caro the most significant of his many assistants.