Richard Huelsenbeck

1892 (Frankenau, Germany) – 1974 (Muralto, Switzerland)

Huelsenbeck had been friendly with Ball before both moved to Zürich, and was the original link between the Zürich and Berlin Dadaists. He and Janco recited simultaneist verse at Cabaret Voltaire, where Arp and Hennings were co-conspirators. Richter described Tzara as Huelsenbeck’s anti-friend. Hausmann (who feuded with him for 40 years), Baader, Grosz, Heartfield and Herzfelde were the Berlin Dada shock-troops Huelsenbeck joined up with. In the U.S., he was in touch with Janco, Duchamp and Richter, met Calder and Tanguy, and introduced his house-guest Tinguely to Johns, Chamberlain, and Rauschenberg.