Franz Jung

1888 (Neisse, Prussia, now Nysa, Poland) – 1963 (Stuttgart, Germany)

Hausmann and Jung started an anarchist magazine in Berlin, and enjoyed what Richter described as a “remarkable friendship, cold-blooded and macabre.” As co-editor of ‘Club Dada’, Jung got to know the brothers Herzfelde and Heartfield, Höch and Huelsenbeck; Huelsenbeck described him as “slightly sinister” and recounted a drink-and-cocaine fuelled night in Berlin. He worked with Grosz, Herzfelde and Heartfield on ‘Die Neue Jugend’, the first Berlin Dada publication. Grosz and Jung subsequently contributed jointly to the periodical ‘Jedermann sein eigener Fussball.’ Piscator was another collaborator. Unfortunately no good online biography in English could be found.