A. M. Cassandre

Adolphe Mouron

1901 (Kharkiv, Ukraine) – 1968 (Paris)

Cassandre, as Adolphe Mouron was professionally known, is known for his innovative and influential poster designs. Savignac (who was barely younger), François and Vostell all worked as his assistant — Savignac meeting him by chance, François first studying in Cassandre’s school before working in his studio. Cassandre spent time with Bayer, Loewy, de Chirico and Dalí in New York (where Brodovitch commisioned magazine work from him). Back in Paris, he did stage designs for Lifar, the collaboration extending to storylines. Cendrars, a friend, wrote a preface for him, while Reverdy, a correspondent, sat for his portrait.

A. M. Cassandre knew…