Henri Matisse

1869 (Le Cateau-Cambrésis, France) – 1954 (Nice)

Moreau taught him; Rouault, Marquet and Derain were fellow-students. He befriended Signac, an important influence, and stayed with him in St Tropez, eventually quarrelling. His mentor Pissarro advised him to spend his honeymoon in London. A painting visit with Derain to the Riviera liberated his use of colour: Dufy and Vlaminck were their fellow-Fauves. He showed Rodin his drawings, took sculptural advice from Bourdelle, found Diaghilev maddening, and was photographed by Ray using a spectacle lens. Picasso and he first met at Stein’s, didn’t get on, but later became friends (as well as rivals) and exchanged paintings.