Allan Kaprow

Alan Kaprow;Allen Kaprow

1927 (Atlantic City, N.J.) – 2006 (Encinitas, Calif.)

Kaprow had a significant influence on the great expansion of alternative modes of visual-arts practice. Hofmann, Schapiro and Cage taught him; Wolpe put him up. Segal (living on a neighbouring farm), Brecht, Watts and Lichtenstein were among a lively coterie of New Jersey artists. Rauschenberg, Johns, Dine, Grooms and Leslie joined in his happenings, while Duchamp brought along Ernst, Huelsenbeck and Richter (who found an affinity), and helped him get grants. Oldenburg’s good friendship faded after a disagreement. Samaras and McCarthy were students, Baldessari a colleague. Stockhausen approved a performance, on condition Paik took part.