Antoine Pevsner

Anton Pevsner

1886 (Orel, Russia) – 1962 (Paris)

Gabo was his younger brother and constructivist colleague. Archipenko was a fellow-student in Kiev; the friendship continued later in Paris, where Pevsner also met Modigliani. Malevich, Kandinsky and Rozanova had been teaching colleagues in Moscow; also Tatlin (though he and Pevsner did not see eye to eye). Pevsner first met Duchamp in Berlin, and constructed his head in celluloid. Gabo and he collaborated on sets for Diaghilev. Gleizes helped form the group ‘Réalités nouvelles.’ Pevsner showed Duchamp’s ‘Rotoreliefs’ to Bill: with Pevsner’s friend Vantongerloo, they subsequently exhibited together.