Jacques Lacan

1901 (Paris) – 1981 (Paris)

Lacan’s philosophical influence was immense. He was Picasso’s personal doctor, also friendly with Bataille, Merleau-Ponty, Breton, Sollers and Dalí. He visited Bion, who influenced him, on a study-visit to England. Lévi-Strauss, Althusser, Hyppolite and Foucault all participated in his famous seminars; Irigaray and Miller (who married his daughter) also took part. Althusser had a complex relationship with him; sometimes friends, sometimes foes. Lévi-Strauss introduced him to Jakobson, who became a good friend and regularly stayed with him while in Paris. Moreau met him at Duras’, and said he started sending her “terrible orchids” which she hid in a cupboard.