Lajos Kassák

1887 (Érsekújvár, Hungary, now Nové Zámky, Slovakia) – 1967 (Budapest)

The charismatic Kassák could be described as a one-man Hungarian avant-garde — except for his many collaborations, and the many younger individuals he drew into his orbit. Moholy-Nagy, Kepes, Jozsef and Capa were all strongly influenced by him, Moholy involved in the group around his journal ‘MA’, Kepes and Capa in that around his later ‘Munka’. He met Apollinaire, Picasso, Cendrars and Delaunay having walked to Paris, and Arp and Léger on a later visit (Arp said he’d be less surprised to see Santa Claus). He collaborated with Lissitzky, and joined Schwitters and Tschichold in their avant-garde advertising group.