Friedrich Schiller

1759 (Marbach, Germany) – 1805 (Weimar)

Schiller met Moritz, Hiller and Weisse as a student. Reinhart became a lifelong friend. He befriended Herder and Wieland while in Weimar, hoping to meet Goethe (who was in fact in Italy). The strength of the intellectual and creative bond with Goethe (whom he eventually got to know after years of tentative approaches) is reflected in their paired tombs. Schlegel, Fichte, Herder, both Humboldts and Hölderlin all contributed to his periodical ‘die Horen’, though Schlegel and he eventually fell out with one another, and Herder disliked him. Schelling, Niethammer and Fichte had all been university colleagues in Jena.