Friedrich Hölderlin

1770 (Lauffen am Neckar, Germany) – 1843 (Tübingen)

Hegel and Schelling were close student friends of Hölderlin, the three rooming and drinking together; each influenced the others’ ideas and work. Schiller helped Hölderlin get his early work published, and periodically helped to support him; Hölderlin had been introduced to him as a student, moved to Jena where Schiller had fixed him up with a tutoring job and where he attended Fichte’s lectures, and was introduced to Goethe by him. Hölderlin visited Lavater in Zürich and Herder in Weimar. Sömmering was his doctor. Niethammer was a friend, although he didn’t reply when Hölderlin wrote asking for help in finding a job.