Christian Dotremont

Christian d'Otrement

1922 (Tevuren, Belgium) – 1979 (Buizingem, Netherlands)

Dotremont met Magritte when he was 18, and discovered Ubac’s address and sent him a postcard. He kept company with Picasso and Éluard when he left Belgium for Paris in 1941. Magritte, Nougé and Dotremont were among those forming the Revolutionary Surrealist Group in Brussels, a forerunner of the Situationists. Jorn, Noiret, Constant, Corneille and Appel were founder-members — with Dotremont — of CoBrA, whose name was his idea. He collaborated on several works with Alechinsky and with Vandercam. The poet Stanislas d’Otremont was his father.

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