Jean-Louis Barrault

1910 (Vésinet, France) – 1994 (Paris)

A drink with his close friend Prévert led to one of Barrault’s best-known acting roles, directed by Carné. Anouilh and Jolivet founded a review with him. He married Renaud: together they ran a celebrated theatre-company, premièring work by Beckett, Ionesco and Genet among others, and employing the young Boulez as musical director. Malraux, former friend and supporter, had him sacked after he sided with students in the 1968 Paris events. He was a vocal supporter of Artaud, and wrote to Desnos in Buchenwald; Desnos wrote back from Terezin, where he was to die, received a package in return, and sent a kiss.