Franz Liszt

Liszt Ferenc;Ferenc Liszt

1811 (Doborján, Hungary, now Raiding, Austria) – 1886 (Bayreuth, Germany)

Reicha, Czerny and Salieri taught him (Hummel charged too much). Whether Beethoven really kissed the 12-year-old’s forehead is not known. He met his friends Mendelssohn and Chopin aged 20, Chopin becoming a professional rival. He met Hiller in Paris, was friendly with Lamennais, Andersen, Heine, Ingres and Baudelaire, and became close to Berlioz, Schumann and Wagner. He championed Berlioz and Wagner, although he began to find Wagner (who had married his daughter) somewhat repulsive. He taught Siloti and Friedheim free after taking holy orders. Saint-Saëns was a lifelong friend, Sand an intimate (not a lover).