Viktor Shklovsky

Victor Borisovich Shklovsky;Viktor Shklovskii

1893 (St. Petersburg) – 1984 (Moscow)

Shklovsky described himself as fish turned ichthyologist. Dumped by Triolet, their continuing correspondence (not amatory) was notable. Tynyanov, Brik and Shklovsky founded a society for the study of poetic language. Mayakovsky and Eisenstein were lifelong friends — Shklovsky was involved in Mayakovsky’s ‘Lef’ group, and was a loyal if combative critic to Eisenstein. Khlebnikov collaborated with him; Eichenbaum shared a love of Dostoyevsky. Shklovsky landed in Meyerhold and Ehrenburg’s Berlin circle after walking across the frozen Baltic. Jakobson hid him from the secret police in his study, telling him if discovered to rustle and say he was a sheet of paper.