Frank O’Hara

1926 (Baltimore, Md.) – 1966 (Long Island)

O’Hara met Gorey (a room-mate) and Ashbery while a student at Harvard. Koch, Schuyler and Guest were among the New York poets he mixed with. Rivers, his then lover, did drawings for his first volume of poetry; Krasner, Pollock, Rauschenberg, Johns, Porter, Katz, the de Koonings, Smith, Kline and Feldman were among other artists and musicians he knew socially, through his critical writings and his curatorial work at MoMA. He slighted and hurt Warhol. As well as Rivers, he collaborated with Hartigan (an intimate friend), Leslie and Brainard, and featured in work by Neel, Elaine de Kooning, Porter and Katz.