John Giorno

1936 (New York) – 2019 (New York)

Giorno’s interdisciplinary approaches shook up poetry. He mixed with a group including Lichtenstein, Johns, Reich, Riley, Glass, Morris, Rainer, Schneeman and Brown. Among his impressive roster of lovers, he starred in Warhol’s ‘Sleep’, was told by Rauschenberg to meet Moog (who helped him with sound pieces), and followed Gysin (who also encouraged his sound work) to Morocco. Burroughs was close, Cage more a friend than an influence, and Waldman a great collaborator (and fellow-buddhist). He collaborated widely, including with Glass, Anderson, Berrigan, Zappa and Smith, had a lively sexual encounter with Haring, and wrote powerfully about his friend Mapplethorpe’s death.

John Giorno knew…