Larry Rivers

1923 (New York) – 2002 (Southampton, N.Y.)

Davis was a fellow-student at Juillard; they’d smoke cannabis together before exams, and were lifelong friends. Hofmann and Baziotes taught Rivers. Koch, Katz and Schuyler were all friends and colleagues in the so-called New York School art/poetry scene of the 1950’s and 60’s, and O’Hara a friend, supporter and occasional lover. Ashbery, Koch, O’Hara and Southern all collaborated with him, as did his drinking-mate Baraka. Corso and Ginsberg appeared alongside him in Leslie and Frank’s film ‘Pull My Daisy.’ Tinguely and Saint Phalle had Paris studios (Impasse Ronsin) next to Rivers; he worked with both Tinguely and Klein.