George Maciunas

1931 (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 1978 (Boston, Mass.)

Visionary cultural entrepreneur. Mekas was a schoolfriend in Lithuania. Maciunas’s A.G. Gallery held events involving Young, Higgins, Mekas, Johnson, Ono and de Maria. He met Vostell and Paik in Germany; they organised the first major Fluxus event. Under the Fluxus rubric he published scores by Young and Brecht; Knížák and Watts (as well as Brecht and Vautier, whom he greatly admired) were among those who contributed regularly to Fluxus productions — Kaprow and Oldenburg were more resistant. He also designed and published work by Spoerri and Paik. Hausmann encouraged use of the name ‘Fluxus’, and Lennon and Ono helped with a festival.