Christo Javacheff

1935 (Gabrovo, Bulgaria)

He said that most of his friends weren’t artists, perhaps because of their competitiveness. In Prague he frequented Burian’s theatre, and through him first got to see art by 20th C ‘greats’. He met Rainer (describing him as ‘very nice’) when he escaped to Vienna, and then in Germany met Stockhausen, and Paik and other Fluxus types. Saint Phalle, Spoerri, Arman, Klein and Tinguely were fellow Nouveaux Réalistes in Paris, Jeanne-Claude his partner. In New York, they often dined with Duchamp and Warhol; Oldenburg was another close friend. Christo wrapped Snoopy’s kennel for Schulz, and gave Maciunas a wrapped flower.