Raoul Vaneigem

1934 (Lessines, Belgium) –

Vaneigem and Debord were introduced to one another by Lefebvre, and subsequently became two poles of Situationism. They traced Malcolm Lowry’s steps outside Paris, high on mescalin, and conducted psychogeographic dérives in Antwerp, Barcelona and Brussels as well as Paris. Vaneigem described his friendship with Debord as “founded on ether exuberance and rigorous thought.” Lefebvre’s work directly inspired Vaneigem and Debord’s thought: they had both attended lectures by him, and he subsequestly interested himself in their ideas.

Michèle Bernstein

1932 (Paris) –

Debord was married to her: the two were founders of the Situationist International. Wolman collaborated on a brief text and on a letter to the (London) Times. She liked Jorn, and described him as the best of painters. Lefebvre was a close friend for about five years, and explained how she made money by providing racing magazines with horoscopes for horses.

Michèle Bernstein knew…

Guy Debord

1931 (Paris) – 1994 (Champot, France)

Lefebvre was a close friend and colleague for several years, and helped inspire Debord’s situationist thought. Bernstein was married to him (they divorced.) Jorn and Vaneigem were co-founders with Debord of the Situationist International. Debord and Isou worked together until Isou split to form the Lettrist International. Debord wrote “almost amicably” to Trocchi to ‘resign’ him from S.I., but then apologised saying he was not in a position to do so. He sent Hausmann copies of a situationist journal, acknowledging Situationism’s debt to Dada.